Retorting the Atheist






Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly








Translated by

E. A. Nassir











The Transmigration of Souls

The 'Bahai' Doctrine

Contradiction of the book: 'On the Margin of the Ethereal World'

Deniers of the Existence of Souls

The parable of the house and its builder

The indication of the existence of the soul

The Theory of the Evolution and Natural Selection



Natural Factors

Some Words of Imam Ali "salam be to him"

Contradicting Darwin's Theory

Principles of Darwin's Theory

Some Comments of Scientists about Contradicting Darwin's Theory

The Indication of Creating the Male and Female

The Indication That the Foot-step Trace Indicates the Walking

The Way in Which Some Animals and Man Were Created

I Saw with My Own Eyes

Darkness Is Essential for the Process of Creation

Creating Man from Clay

The End








بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

   The explanation: (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)  Quran, 1: 1.


Praise be to God Who saved us from the darkness, and guided us to His way, by means of the Scriptures and revelations; so that the large number of the miracles and portents points to His Greatness and Might; while the various kinds of creatures indicate His Wisdom; while the Earth and heavens express His Ability.


He created us from water and mud, and provided us of the fruits of gardens; therefore, praise be to Him for what He created, and we thank Him for what provision He provided.


However, I asked from God His help that I may answer those that have much questioned and disputed; so my Lord guided me to the path of the truth, and I wrote this book and explained in it for the wise and intelligent.


Then [we should] know that atheists have different doctrines and opinions; here we shall mention – in general – some of them:




[Deniers of the Existence of Souls]

Some of atheists, like Dr. James Findlay, who said in his book: 'On the Margin of the Ethereal World':


"Souls are eternal; i.e. they were existent from ancient times, but when a man intercourses with his wife, and his semen gets into her womb, then one of souls will come and settle in the centre of that semen; so that it will absorb of that semen around it, and in three months period, it will be a completely-created baby in the womb. Then it will grow and enlarge; so that when nine months elapse, his mother will deliver him, and later he will become a completely-created man. As such do living beings offspring and reproduce. Then when man dies, his soul will return and form another man.


[Transmigration of souls

And so on, souls transmigrate from one body to another; because the soul is a spiritual creature with a complete organs and senses; so that when it enters the womb, it will start absorbing the semen around it; so that the ethereal hand will build on it a material hand; and the ethereal leg will build on it a material leg from that semen also, and there will be a body-leg; and similarly will the rest of organs and special senses be."




The 'Bahai' Doctrine

The 'Bahai' also believe in the transmigration of souls, but these are false opinions, and their doctrine is false; they claim, also, that the Earth is everlasting, which will not break up, and that orbits are moving, and there will not be any general Doomsday in the future; but that when anyone dies, then his Doomsday has come.




Contradicting the book: 'On the Margin of the Ethereal World'

   I say: this theory is wrong, and formation of man in this way is impossible; we have many proofs for that, viz. :

1.      If it was right that the soul enters in the semen and absorbs the semen around itself, then the baby ought to come out of his mother's womb with complete teeth in his mouth; then why do we see the baby without teeth at his birth? And  that his teeth will not appear until about nine months after his birth? [Some of them at six months, while some at more than that.]

                In addition to that, a girl has no round breasts except at the time when she    reaches her age [of adulthood]!

2.      The pregnant woman does not feel the movement of her fetus, inside her womb, till the fourth month; but if the soul was from the start, then she ought to feel the movement of her fetus in the first month.

3.      If the soul was present before the body formation, and that the human body would form on it, as they claim, then the son will not be like his father, and the brother would not be like his brother; but because the entrance of the spirit into the body is after its formation, then the spirit will start to fill the body cells, and man will become like his father and mother.

4.      If the transmigration was a natural thing, and that souls would return to this World after the death of their bodies, and that their entrance into the womb was from the start to form a new person, as they claim, then a spirit of an animal might enter a human womb; or a human soul might enter in an animal womb; then we might see a woman give birth to a dog, a donkey or other kinds of animals; or then we might see a horse give birth to a man, a gazelle or other than that.

Then, there would be an obvious difference between the pregnant and the fetus; for they claim that it is the soul that collects the organic and proteinous material around it, and that in this way the fetus will form.

5.      How can the soul be fixed in the womb without moving or changing its position for a period of three months, in order that the body growth will be complete during that period; because if it moves with the least movement then the body growth will not be complete. E.g. if the organ near to the soul is solid, while near to the womb it is liquid; then when the soul moves with the least movement then the liquid substances will separate from the solid and will be cut apart; then the body growth will be disturbed, and its growth will not be complete if the soul has the least movement during this period. Then what is the necessity of the soul to imprison herself in this dark narrow place, and to move not for three months period?

6.      If the soul returns to the 'life of the World' and forms a new person, then we may remember what we were before, and what our previous names were, and who were our parents, and where our were; then we may need not to learn reading and writing; or the business which we practiced before, i.e. when we were in the bodies other than these our bodies.

      In addition to that, how can the soul contract and shrink, so that it will be    according to the fetus size if the soul is a soul of a long man?

            And how can the soul be immersed in the semen and build around it from that substance, in spite of that the semen does not fill a small cup, whatever profuse was it, which is not sufficient even to immerse one of our fingers in it?

7.      If the soul was existent prior to the formation of the body, and that upon it the human body would be formed, then souls would not recognize each other, so that the father would not recognize his son after death, nor would the son recognize his father; because it is not the soul that gives the body its shape, but it is the body which gives the soul its shape, so that the soul will be according to the shape of the body in which it had been formed, and like its appearance, its length or shortness.


In fact, souls recognize each other in the afterlife; God - be exalted - said in the Quran 55: 41

يُعرَفُ المُجرِمُونَ بِسيماهُمْ فَيُؤخَذُ بِالنّواصِي والأقْدامِ

The explanation:

(The sinners shall be recognized by their marks [being naked], and shall be taken by [their] forelocks and feet.)


And He – be exalted – said in the Quran 10: 45

ويَوْمَ يَحْشُرُهُمْ كأنْ لَمْ يَلْبَثُوا إلاّ ساعَةً مِنْ النّهارِ يَتَعارَفُونَ بَيْنَهُمْ

The explanation:

(And the day [of their death] He shall muster them [in the Barzakh world: the world of souls], as if they had not tarried [in the World] but an hour of the day; mutually recognizing one another [in the world of souls].)


And God - be exalted - said in the Quran 7: 48

ونادَى أصْحابُ الأعْرافِ رِجالاً يَعْرِفُونَهُمْ بِسِيماهُمْ

The explanation:

(And those [prophets and guides] on the Aarãf [wall of Paradise] will call to certain men [: some associters and unbelievers in the 'gathering-together'] whom they will recognize [as unbelievers] according to certain marks [on their faces].)



[Deniers of the Existence of Souls]

Others say that man is formed from a living substance, i.e. the protoplasm, i.e. the viable substance of the body cells. Then this substance will form cells spherical in shape, which may be influenced by some changes. These cells are minute to an extent that they can only be seen by the microscope. Then these cells will collect with each other, and form the body organs; so that a man will be formed. Accordingly, man is a collection of living cells. And by this way, they denied the existence of the soul.


I say: We agree that the human body is formed from a living substance; but Who formed this substance? Who formed the cells? From what thing they acquired life? And Who instructed these cells to form the body organs in a regular shape according to the required design? Did these cells understand Geometry when they were formed? Or did they learn in highly qualified schools?


All their claims are some sort of conjecture; while the conjecture [and false opinion] does not, at any way, stand in stead of the sound truth.


[It is impossible that a complete house is built without any builder]

Let us give an example for that; we simulate the substance of the protoplasm by the mud, the cells by the bricks, and the man by a new house, and his organs by its rooms, basements and roofs. Therefore, is it possible for the mud to form the bricks by itself without a worker to make them? Is it possible for the bricks, by themselves, to form a modern house without a builder who builds it or a maker who makes it, in spite of that it has well-ventilated rooms and well-designed basements, windows for air-conditioning and wood-doors. In addition to that, it has a well, a kitchen, a lavatory and a septic tank, and other things which man needs [in his house]?


I say if we find a new house with the required features, then can we say that this house has been formed, by itself, without any maker that made it, or any builder who built it; in spite of that there have been many different substances from which the house has been formed: like the bricks, wood, iron, glass, the paintings and other things?


[The indication of the existence of the soul]

Moreover, I say how can man see, hear, speak and move without having a spirit? How can he think, understand and keep in his mind what [events and information] had passed away, and all of that without a spirit? Why will man die if he is composed of the living cells and he has no ethereal soul? What happens to the cells so that their life go away; in spite of that at the death of man there is no change as regards to his body, and we don't see any defect in it; that might have been a cause of his death?


Here, I mention, as a witness, an incident that took place in the year 1943: A man at Hilla brought, from Bahrain via the way of Basra, something, like a piece of meat, round and semitransparent called the 'sea-worm', which has no head, no arm, leg or any other organ; it did not move with any movement. They used to put that 'worm' in a vessel, pour tea over it, and put sugar over it and leave it till the next day, when they would find that fluid become sore, then they would drink it thinking that it might cure some diseases. Some people at Hilla began to form many discs from it and drink its water. But when I saw that, I realized that it wasn't a big worm, but that it was some kind of bacteria that collect with each other to form a round disc according to the shape of the vessel.


This disc delivers once every 24 hours; so that it forms another disc below it. It is not a true delivery from that disc, but it is – actually – the bacteria that reproduced and gathered to each other to form a second disc below it. Then if we cut a part of it, and put it in another vessel, and pour over it tea and sugar, and leave it to the next day; then it will form another disc, and so on we can collect many discs from that disc, but every one of them preserves its life. If we put it in an oblong vessel then it will become oblong; because these bacteria collect, on the water surface, with each other; so it will form a circular or an oblong disc according to the shape of the vessel.


As regards the features of these bacteria, they oxidize sugar substances changing them to acidic substances, i.e. they consume sugar and secrete it as an acid. Therefore, from this respect, they are like the 'vinegar-worm', so that this acidic fluid is suitable as a remedy against some diseases.


My aim, here, is not to explain about these bacteria; but only I mention it to confirm my words, so I say: If man consists of living cells without soul; then he must be like these bacteria, so that if we cut part of his skin or an organ of his organs, and we leave it in a vessel and we put a nutrient substance over it; then he must not die, or that cut organ should not disintegrate, but it will go on living whenever the nutrient substance will be available; and that cut flesh should form another living person, just like that bacteria will form, and just like the condition in case of most of trees also.


In addition to that, these bacteria will take the shape of the vessel in which they were put; so that it forms a round or an oblong disc.


While as regards to the cells which they talk about; in what vessel should they enter to form the two hands? Or what mould will it fill to form the two legs?


Have they any engineering instruments by which they form the two eyes? Or have they the ability to form the two ears?


Were there, from such cells, bones or flesh? Or vessels and blood? Or soft hair? Or delicate skin? Or bright teeth? Or thick finger-nails?


Such words are not more than the words of an ignorant person, that are unacceptable by any intelligent and wise man Their purpose from such words is merely to deny the existence of the Creator; in order to allow for themselves the prohibitions and to indulge in their lusts. Away with them and with their doctrines!


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 58: 19

اسْتَحْوَذَ علَيْهم الشّيطانُ فأنساهم ذِكْرَ اللهِ ، أولئكَ حِزْبُ الشّيطانِ ، ألا إنّ حِزْبَ الشّيْطانِ هُمُ الخاسِرُونَ

The explanation:

(The devil has had control over them, so he has made them forget to remember God; such are the devil's party, and it is the devil's party who are the losers.)


The Theory of the Evolution and Natural Selection

Others say that man was a monkey in the ancient times, and then through evolution and civilization, he became a human being. Hence, man's origin is from monkeys.


I say: there is a great difference between man and monkey:

1. The skin of the monkey is full of hair like the cat, while man is not like the monkey in this respect.

2. The hair on the monkey head is equal in length with that of its body; while the hair of man's head is long.

3. The monkey hasn't any beard or mustache, while man is on the contrary of that.

4. The monkey has a long tail, while man hasn't any tail.

5. The monkey does not speak, while man can speak different languages.

6. The monkey walks on four limbs, while man walks erect and straight on two legs. And so on, there are great differences between monkey and man.


Furthermore, if monkeys had evoluted and civilized and become human beings, then monkeys, all of them, would have become human beings, and that no monkey would have remained on the surface of the Earth, and we would not have seen any remains of monkeys. Then how can monkeys civilize while they are animals, and how can their body hair disappear, while it protects them from coldness, and how can their head-hear lengthen?


Is it possible that beards and mustaches appear to them? How can monkeys speak and talk? How do their tails disappear? And suppose that we cut a monkey's tail, and that that monkey reproduces, then would its offspring be without tails or would they have tails like how it was for their father before?


Can any intelligent man speak such words?


Their purpose from such words is only to deny the existence of the Creator.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 61: 8

يُريدونَ لِيُطفِئوا نُورَ اللهِ بِأفْواهِهِمْ واللهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ ولَوْ كَرِهَ الكافِرُون

The explanation:

(They desire to extinguish the light of God [: the Quran] with [the words of] their mouths, but God will complete [revealing] His light, however much the unbelievers are averse.)




Others say that man's origin is from worms which were formed in the mud and stagnant water, then it started to evolute so it became an animal after many eras. Then those animals went on evoluting until they became human beings after the elapsing of centuries and eras. Therefore, [according to their opinion], nature had formed man, and as such they denied the existence of the Creator.


I say: does any intelligent man speak such words, and adopt such doctrines? While they study Botany and Zoology, and search about the formation of the terrestrial planets, and see the large number of the signs of God's Ability and Wisdom.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 10: 96-97, about such disbelievers:

إنَّ الذينَ حَقَّتْ عليهِمْ كلمةُ ربّكَ لا يؤمِنُونَ . ولو جاءَتْهم كُلُّ آيةٍ حتّى يَرَوا العذابَ الأليمَ

The explanation:

(They will not believe: those [associaters] against whom God’s word [of punishment] is pronounced [: that they deserve the punishment.]


[They will not believe] though every miracle come to them [which they demanded from you, Mohammed,] till they see the painful chastisement.)



God - be exalted - said also in the Quran 34: 20

ولَقَدْ صَدَّقَ عَلَيْهِمْ إبْلِيسُ ظَنَّهُ فَاتَّبَعُوهُ إلاّ فرِيقاً مِنَ المُؤْمِنِين .

The explanation:

(And Iblies [i.e. Satan] indeed proved true his opinion concerning them, for they followed him, [all] save a group of [true] believers.)


That is because they said [as has God told us in the Quran 45: 24]:

وقالوا ما هيَ إلاّ حياتُنا الدّنيا نَموتُ ونَحْيا  وما يُهلِكُنا إلاّ الدّهْرُ ، وما لَهُمْ بِذلكَ مِنْ عِلْمٍ ، إنْ هُمْ إلاّ يَظُنّون

The explanation:

(They say: 'There is nothing but our [present] Worldly life; we die and our [children] live, and nothing but Time [factors] destroy us.' Of that they have no knowledge; they merely conjecture.)




I say: What is this "nature" about which they are talking? Is it a wise person? Or is it all-knowing and all-able? Has it eyes by which it sees? Or has it ears with which it hears? Or has it hands by which it strikes?


Moreover, did nature know that man could not reproduce if he was single; so that it made him two spouses!? Did it know that the baby had no teeth; so that it prepared for him the two breasts [of his mother] ? Or did it know that his stomach could not digest; so that it formed the milk for him, and caused his mother to sympathize with him in order that she would suffer for his sake, forbear difficulties and harms? Then, when he needed eating, it made the teeth appear for him, and enabled him to speak with the mouth and tongue?


Or did it know that he cannot live well without sight; so that it made for him two eyes? Or did it know that he needed hearing; so that it made for him two ears? Or did it know that he needed nutrient substances; so that it made for him fruits and cereals, and fed him of the cores of fruits? Did it create the long palm trees? Or did it make the pure sweet water to flow? Or did it form the plant and trees? Did it create sun and moon? Did it create minerals and stones? Or did it form the air and the fire?


Was there, from worms, an elephant or a camel, or the pigeon and the sparrow?


Was the plant formed from worms? Or were the long palm-tree or singing birds?


God - be exalted -  said in the Quran 7: 185

أوَلَمْ يَنْظُرُوا في ملَكوتِ السّماواتِ والأرْضِ وما خَلَقَ اللهُ مِنْ شَيْءٍ وأنْ عَسَى أنْ يَكُونَ قَد اقْتَربَ أجَلُهُمْ فبِأيّ حَديثٍ بَعْدَهُ يُؤمِنُون ؟


The explanation:

(Have they not considered the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and what things God has created, and it may be their term is already drawing nigh; in what revelation, after this [Quran], then will they believe?)




Natural Factors

The water, air, heat, coldness, light and darkness are some of these natural factors. By means of these factors, the matter changes from liquid to solid, and from solid to liquid, and from liquid to vapor then again to liquid.


Water solidifies at severe coldness, and becomes ice; and water evaporates by the severe heat and ascends up in the space, then it will be rain if it meets a cold layer.


The oxygen, present in the air, combines with the iron forming ferric oxide. Carbon dioxide combines with copper forming copper carbonate; and it combines with the lime forming calcium carbonate (lime stone), and so on the natural factors change the matter from liquid to solid and from solid to liquid.


But can 'nature' synthesize an iron instrument from the iron mines, in spite of the large number of these mines on earth, and in the course of times and eras, even though it be a simple instrument like a saw, a hammer or a knife? The answer is: No, it didn't make anything of that, not even one nail.


Did it make, from copper mines any pot for the kitchen, or any plate to put the cooked food in?

The answer is No, it didn't any thing of that, not even one spoon; neither in the past, nor in the present time.

Did it make, from pebbles a teapot or a cup for milk? The answer is: No, it didn't make anything of that in the past, neither will it make that in the future, nor can it do that.


I say: if 'nature' is unable to make even one nail, out of its raw materials; then how can it, as they claim, make a pump of fluid with tubes through which it flows in a delicate and perfect way, continuous on work, and does not stop movement, and does not become tired or exhausted for many decades, without a worker in charge of it and without any inspector to observe it, that man is unable to synthesize something like it; it is the heart and the blood circulatory system.


Moreover, while 'nature' is unable to make a spoon, out of its copper mines, then how did it then make an instrument for air-conditioning, ventilation and transformation of the oxygen to carbon-dioxide gas, and which works systematically, and does not stop working for many decades, which scientists are unable to synthesize its analogue; it is the respiratory system, i.e. the lung?


And while 'nature' is unable to synthesize a teapot out of pebbles and silicates, then how did it make a delicate and perfect telescope by which you see the far and the near [object], the white and the black, the red, yellow and green, the transparent and the opaque [object], that any scientist or genius man is unable to synthesize something like it; it is the eye.


If nature is unable to synthesize one vessel out of its mines, in the course of time, then how has it made for us an instrument, for making the milk, which, in spite of its small size, makes for us, from the grass and fruit peels, a pure milk palatable to those who drink it; that is the cattle udder?


I say: if it was right that nature had formed man, as they claim, and had made for him all these perfect systems: the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the alimentary system, and the system which is specific to the female, i.e. the breast for milk formation, and that it made for him the five special senses; then how was it unable to make one nail out of iron mines, and one spoon out of copper mines while it is rich with its mines? But such words are merely false claims and embellished lies that do not go along with the truth and reality.


God - be exalted -  said in the Quran 7: 185

أوَلَمْ يَنْظُرُوا في ملَكوتِ السّماواتِ والأرْضِ وما خَلَقَ اللهُ مِنْ شَيْءٍ وأنْ عَسَى أنْ يَكُونَ قَد اقْتَربَ أجَلُهُمْ فبِأيّ حَديثٍ بَعْدَهُ يُؤمِنُون ؟

The explanation:

(Have they not considered the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and what things God has created, and it may be their term is already drawing nigh; in what revelation, after this [Quran], then will they believe?)





Some Words of Imam Ali "salam be to him"

About the retort to atheists, he said in the book of 'Nahj-al-Balagha:


"But if they think about the great ability and the profuse surplus [of God], then they will resort to the path [of truth], and will become afraid of the torment of burning [in Hell]; but [their] hearts are ill [i.e. hard and unbelieving], and [their] insights are occupied [with falsehood and evil.]


Don't they look at the smallest of His creatures: how He perfected its creation, and made perfect its structure; He created for it the hearing and the sight, and made suitable for it the skin and bones.


Look at the 'ant' in its minute body and nice shape; that it can hardly be seen with the sight looking, and by the thinking of the mind; how it walks on its land, and works hardly for its sustenance; it carries the seed to its home, and prepares it in its dwelling; it stores during the hot season [i.e. summer-time] for the cold season [i.e. winter time], and during its youth for its elderly. It is being guaranteed for its provision, and provided with its sustenance. The Benefactor [: God] does not neglect it, and the Judge [: another attribute of God] does not preclude it, even though in the dry rock and the solid stone.


If you examine the food passages in its high and low [parts], and what are in the inside of its abdominal organs, and the eye and ear in its head; you will become extremely astonished about its creation, and will face difficulties about its description.


Therefore, celebrated be the praises of God, Who raised it on its limbs, and constructed it on its bases. No creator shared with Him in its creation, and no able one helped Him in making it. If you contemplate to know His purposes and wisdom, you will conclude that the Creator of the [small] ant is the same One Who is the Creator of the [large] palm-tree; that is because of the detailed description of everything, and the mysterious variation of every living [creature.]


The huge [thing] and the minute [thing], the heavy and the light [object], the weak and the strong, to His creative ability, are even equal.


Similarly are the sky and the air, and the wind and the water.


Look also at the sun and moon, the plant and trees, the water and the stone, the succession of the day and night, and the profuse water and waves of the sea; the large number of these mountains, and the high mountain tops, and the variation of languages and different tongues.


Afterwards, the torment will be the fate of anyone who denies God, and is ungrateful to the Manager [: God.]


They claim that they are like the plant with no farmer [that planted them], and that there is no maker of their different shapes. Moreover, they did not depend on a sound basis for their claim, or any proof for their opinion! For can there be any building without a builder, or any deed without a doer?


The locust deserves description, too; for God created for it two red eyes, and kindled for it two moon-like orbits. He, too, made for it a hidden hearing, and opened for it a well-made mouth, and made for it a keen perception, and two teeth with which it cuts, and two sickles with which it catches.


Farmers fear it in their cultivation, and cannot get rid of it even though they gather together until it enters the field with its passion and satisfies its desire with it.


Its size, however, is not more than a little finger. Therefore, celebrated be the praises of God, to Whom all those in the heavens and the earth adorate willingly or by loth, and put their cheeks and faces on the dust, and resign to Him with obedience peacefully and weakfully, and surrender to Him with fear and terror; for birds too are subjected to His command. He counted the number of their feathers, and their respiration rates, and set down their feet in the dry and wet land, and measured their sustenance and provision, and decided their kinds; so that this is a crow, and that is an eagle, and this is a dove, while that is an ostrich. He named every bird with its name, and guaranteed for it the provision and sustenance.


Moreover, God formed the heavy cloud, and made it to rain its water, and varied the provision [for people], so that He made the land wet after being dry, and made its vegetation to grow after its barrenness."





Contradicting Darwin's Theory

Quoted from the book of 'Al-Jawahir' part 11, by sheikh Tantawi Jawhary; he said:


"When this theory was prevalent in our country of Egypt, the atheism spread, and the taking of bribe prevailed, false beliefs were enhanced, and large number of lords and VIPs were proud with their sins and with the drinking of wine and gambling, and they abandoned the religion. That was so after the appearance of the book of Dr. Shibel Shummail, which was a translation of the book of Wegner, the German writer. Both the writer and the translator were inclined to the atheism and denial of the Creator; this enhanced atheism and encouraged imitating them blindly without thinking and contemplation.


All of that was at the beginning of the twentieth century. But while we were so in Egypt and some other oriental countries, European scientists contradicted this theory; so that the basis of their false belief was destroyed.


I shall here mention to you the principles of this theory, then the opinions of the European scientists concerning its contradiction.




Principles of Darwin's Theory

Darwin based his theory on four principles:

1.      Life is of many stages and changes through which it evolutes from one state to another.

2.      These evolutions and changes are transmitted to the offspring through heredity.

3.      All living beings have a struggle for life among them.

4.      The stronger and more perfect among them is the one more suitable to remain, while the weaker is surely going to perish.


Hence, animals and plants, all of them are one chain, the higher [organism] is derived from the lower through evolution. One of them is man who is derived from the monkey, which, according to these principles, is the highest of animals and plants. And because the most perfect [organism] is the one which will remain; the covetousness appeared in the political world, and destructive weapons were manufactured in Europe [and the west], according to this theory, and the wild power supervened, so that morals and ethics were corrupted among our citizens.


I surprise from ourselves, the oriental, more than anyone else; how do we respect such a theory [that is foreign in origin], which is now contradicted by the European themselves. You may be astonished, when I tell you about the concepts and opinions of their thinkers and the proofs of their scientists that contradict this theory, and prove its falsehood. I'm sorry that the [superficial thinking and] neglect is supervening all over the oriental countries, among educated individuals. They have believed in the Darwinian theory, just as have they drunken wine, as an imitation to Europeans; but they did not know that scientists, there, have contradicted this theory, and explained about its falsehood, just as have they explained that the wine is a fatal poison, to the extent that the American government had once prohibited it, and countries like Sweden and Norway had disapproved it.


But our citizens are still drinking the wine, and the atheism is still present; just as if the theory was not contradicted and disapproved by free thinkers!




Some Comments of Scientists about Contradicting Darwin's Theory


1.      Gustave LeBon said: "The matter is not everlasting, but it is governed by the inevitable law that decides for all beings to perish. It is composed of solar systems that are composed of particles revolving around each other with a great speed. It is only seen stationary in our perception because of this extreme speed."

However, you know that Darwin's theory is principally based on the matter [and materialism] and that it is its basis.


2.      Professor Henry Buancaré, member of the French Science Association, said:

"If we contemplate about a certain law, whatever it is, then we can be certain that it cannot be more than an approximate one; because it is derived from some approximate rules."

       Moreover, Dr. G. Gillette said: "Laws and principles can be changed by any

        event, therefore its absolute application will be useless." 

        I say: No doubt this is one of the main principles of Darwin's theory which is         

        Based on natural laws. [It is only a theory, neither a base, neither a law nor a  



3.      Professor Gustave Gillette said:

"The factors that Darwin mentioned, are unable to explain that complete fixation of the original features of the recently formed species, and are unable also to explain the formation of new instincts for them. It has been proved that new are still being created recently, as you will see."


Then Professor Gustave Gillette said:

"Lamarck's theory and Darwin's theory are alike in being defective; because they do not explain the change from the water-life to the land-life, nor do they explain the change from the land-life to the air-life; for how could the reptile, which was the ancestor of the sparrow, adapt itself to an environment [: the air] which wasn't his own, and could not be his own; after changing from the form of a reptile to a sparrow? And how could it have an air-life before could it acquire wings useful for it?


Furthermore, the problem of the insect cannot be explained; for is there any relationship, from biological point of view, between the worm or larva and between the complete insect to which it would have been transformed? It is an insect that was familiar with the worm-life under the ground or in the water; then how would it gradually reach to the formation, for its body, of wings that are suitable for an air-life which is far from it and even unknown to it!?" These were his words in summary.


4.      The scientist De Vries said: "The sudden changes are the basis in both plant and animal worlds. This fact was declared by Jefferson and Ason Haller and Cope.

                   It was proved that the sudden appearance of the main great animal classes, - like reptiles, birds and mammals – was in the geological ground; and that when they would appear, they would have their characteristic features completely."


5.      Dr. Gustave Gillette said: "The insect appeared since the earliest periods of the land life, and their species were fixed in all circumstances. Therefore, this contradicts their hypothesis of the slow continuous changes, and  contradicts the evolution due to external factors; because it transforms inside the pupa or chrysalis from the larval state to an adult flying insect, without any external influence. In addition to that, there is a big difference between the first state which is the larval one, and the second state which is the insect state; and this is a defect and gap in which all the theories of Darwin and Lamarck will be lost.

So the insect gives a real witness to the falsehood of Darwin's theory. Moreover, it was proved that he was unable to explain its marvelous primary instincts which perplex the mind."


6.      The opinion, about Darwin's theory, of von Baer; (who was a great German scientist, and the founder of the Embryology, and one of the famous Physiologists and Archeologists); he said:" The idea, which says that the human kind originally resulted from the Cinemian monkeys, is undoubtedly the most crazy idea that any man in the human history had ever said."


7.       The scientists Firco, the German anthropologist (who studied the natural human history), and the French anthropologist Dukaner Vervange said:

"The information about the natural history of man [:that he is derived] from the monkey, is missing. Man in the fourth Stone Age was found to be exactly similar to us, in spite of that he ought to be nearer to his fathers: the monkeys.

Moreover, the defect in the creation or the shape among men of the present time is more evident than at those ages!"

Then they said: "We cannot consider man, being resulted from the monkey or from another animal, to be a scientific subject."


8.      The opinion of the scientist Henly Dosion; he mentioned in his book 'God and Science'- edited in the year 1912:

"The two hypotheses of Darwin's theory are: the natural selection and the inheritance of acquired characters.  Herbert Spencer destroyed the first principle from its base, and Weismann disapproved the possibility of transmission of the characters by means of heredity; he proved also that those claimed hypotheses were merely based on false postulations, the scientific value of which was not more than the value of nursing mother's tales."


9.      Professor George Bohnne, the director of the Biology and Psychology Institute, said: "The results of many researches are [falsely] applied to the theory of the natural selection."


10.  The scientist Edmond Briee wrote in 'The Living World' magazine, in the year 1912:

"Professor Jeno has little confidence about the influence of the environment; because these environments, as he says, are unsuitable for any standard hereditary change; for the duck and the rest of water- birds are observed having legs with webs; someone might think that these webs had been formed by the nature of its life; but the opinion of Missio Jeno is on the contrary of that; he says that these webs had been formed for them from the beginning, without any external influence; and that the duck started to swim because it found itself having feet with webs suitable for swimming; i.e. they were created to swim before would they get the benefit from the structure of their legs for swimming."


11.  The German scientist Bloger said: "I didn't find [true] any of these hypotheses that may prove the transmission of [acquired] characters by means of heredity."


12.  The brilliant physiologist Dobwarymond said: "If we like to be sincere and truthful, then we must admit that the inheritance of acquired characters or traits have been fabricated, merely to explain mysterious processes, but it is itself a mysterious hypothesis."


13.  The opinion of 'The Great French Encyclopedia' about Darwin's theory:

"Darwin's theory is, unfortunately, shakable from its basis; because it claims that all the useful traits appeared by chance, so that all animals were formed as they are by chance; and this is a fact which disapproves the subject itself."


14.  Dr. Edward Hartmann said: "The concept of Darwinists about the non-      existence of purpose is unreliable, and it is an imaginary idea that does not depend on any sound basis."

      Moreover, He explained that by the fact that Nature has a mechanical order, and it is impossible for an order to be without any purpose; just as that a purpose cannot be without any order; for everything without system would be neglected in vain, like the wandering- about oxen; while nature, on which they based their postulations, is not like that.


15.  The scientist Louis Bordo said:

"We must admit that there is a distinct purpose and an arranging spirit; because, otherwise, the unity and order as a whole will be lost; because the aim and purpose is evident from the succession of processes and is affirmed with it."


16.  The opinion of the German professor von Baer about the 'aim' and 'purpose'; he said: "While they are now crying that there is no purpose in the nature, and that the universe does not require more than blind necessities, I see the my duty is to say my belief: ' I, on the contrary, think that all these necessities aim to a very wise purpose.' "


17.  Camille Flammarion said:

"The study of the universe makes us realize that it has a designed order, and an aim to which it is moved, and that the aim is not the inhabitant of this planet alone, but they are much higher than our minds to comprehend them completely with our lowliness. The insight that appears in plants, insects and birds … etc. – while they are unaware about it – is meant to preserve their offspring; and the analysis of studies in the natural history leads us to realize that there is a Wise Manager of the universe."


18.  The French scientist Logel said: "Brilliant thinking and philosophy affirms that all powers issue from an 'eternal, everlasting, essentially-existent power', which is the origin of every movement and the centre of every action."


19.  The following is mentioned in 'The Twentieth Century French Encyclopedia': "To each one of the various organisms in nature, there is a purpose, for which it has been assigned, and a centre around which it goes."


20.  Professor Mellon Edward, of the Sorbonne University is France, said: "The animal called the (Axilcope) is a perplex to the mind. This animal is seen flying in spring-time, alone, and it lives and dies immediately after it lays its eggs; so that their little chickens would have not seen their mothers, while the mothers have not lived to see their offspring which come out as worms, and live in a closed home and complete calmness; so that you see the mother, at the time of egg-laying, go to a piece of wood, and dig a long tunnel in it, and it will complete it as it should be; then will start to collect food: sufficient for her 'littles' for one year, and which consists of flower pollens and some of good leaves. It will put them in the bottom of the tunnel, then it will lay an egg, then will bring wood sawdust and form a dough of it, and make it a ceiling over that egg. Then it will bring another amount of food and put it over that ceiling, then will lay another egg, and so on it will build its home composed of many layers, then it will leave all of that and die"

He added: "Man will be astonished when he sees the beauty of these frequent observations; and in spite of that, one may hear some persons claiming that all these surprises are the result of chance. The instincts of the ant are an example that is higher than what human mind may appreciate, In addition to other natural processes like the solidification of water, the burning of coal and the falling down of objects."


21.  On 10/ March/ 1956, Professor Johan Horthler, an atomist at Smentpal in Switzerland, vigorously contradicted Darwin's theory, and said that there isn't even one in one thousand probability that man is a descendent of the monkey.

The large number of experiments, he had done, indicated that man, since ten million years ago, was living alone and very far from the monkey; he added that the skeletons, which he had investigated, confirmed this theory.

The already mentioned professor showed, to the museum of natural history at Pal city, a piece of wood inside which there was a piece of a human jaw which history dated to ten million years. This date is the earliest date at which human skeleton may be traced back.


22.  On 31/March/1956, Dr. Dewater, the head of researches at Colombia University, agreed about Professor Horthler's theory; so Darwin's theory was considered a defective one which does not rely on a scientific fact; and that living organisms were created in completely distinct kinds; some of them is man who walks on his two legs; some of them are animals which walk on four limbs; while still some of them are the reptiles that creep on their bellies.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 24: 45:

واللهُ خَلَقَ كُلَّ دابّةٍ مِنْ ماءٍ فَمِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي على بَطْنِهِ ومِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي علَى رِجْلَيْنِ ومِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي عَلَى أرْبَعٍ يَخْلُقُ اللهُ ما يَشاءُ إنَّ اللهَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

The explanation:

(God has created every mobile-animal from water, and some of them move upon their bellies, and some of them move upon two feet, and some of them move upon four; God creates whatever He wills; God is Most-Able over all things.)


Therefore, their false postulations and wrong ideas, which they cover with the word 'science', have actually been disapproved by the true science; and the natural scientist can never believe them.


When man goes to see one of the homes of some weak insects, then he will clearly hear the voice of God's grace guiding His creatures to their daily work."


The above are, in summary, the words of the scientist Edwards.


It is a most surprising that Darwin's theory became one of the fables of old women, and myths of the old, as did their scientists say; while in our Egypt and in other oriental countries, it is still dependable and trustworthy; but their major purpose is to disapprove the religion and deny God and prophets.


You may see a man proud of being a best scientist and a brilliant thinker, but when you examine him, you will see him claiming the knowledge about Darwin's theory; while most of them do not know it precisely; in spite of its falsehood. The defective knowledge is an obvious error; for either there must be a complete knowledge or not.


God - be exalted – said in the Quran, 6: 116

وإنْ تُطِعْ أكثَرَ مَنْ فِي الأرْضِ يُضِلُّوكَ عَنْ سَبِيلِ اللهِ ، إنْ يَتَّبِعُونَ إلاّ الظَنَّ وإنْ هُمْ إلاّ يَخْرُصُونَ

The explanation:

(If you obey most of the [people] on earth [in their opinions], they will lead you astray far from God's way [because they are associaters]. They only follow surmise and only they insist on lying.)



[The Indication of Creating the Male and Female]

The French philosopher Moment said:

"If we suppose, by a way superior to the mind, that the universe had been created by chance, without any Willing Maker, and that frequent chances had brought about the formation of man; then is it logical that chances and accidents can form another being similar to him in appearance and different from him in the internal structures: that is the woman? And it aims, from that, to fill the earth with people and to continue the offspring through her?


Doesn't this alone indicate that there is in the existence a Willing Creator Who formed all the beings and varified them, and gave to every kind its instincts, and offered to it some offerings by which it can carry out its affairs, and by which its kind gets advantage?"


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 30: 21

ومِنْ آياتِهِ أنْ خَلَقَ لَكُمْ مِنْ أنْفُسِكُمْ أزْواجاً لِتَسْكُنُوا إلَيْها وجَعَلَ بينَكُم مَوَدّةً ورَحْمَةً ...الخ

The explanation :

(And of His signs is this: [that] He has created for you, of yourselves [likeness], wives in whom you repose, and has made between you [mutual] affection and mercy…etc.)



 [The Indication That the Foot-step Trace Indicates the Walking]

   A Bedwin Arab, once, was asked: 'How did you recognize you Lord?'

   He answered: 'The dung [of the camel] indicates the camel, and the foot-step signs indicate the walking; then could it be possible that an earth with ways and mountains, and a sky with plants and stars and signs of the zodiac do not indicate their Creator, the All-Able, the Almighty?'



[The Way in Which Some Animals and Man Were Created] :


I Saw with My Own Eyes


In my childhood time, an event happened, which I mention here as an indication and explanation of Adam's creation from slime. I mention to you what I saw with my own eyes, and I don't mind whether anyone may believe me or not.


We were dwelling in the city of Kerbala in Iraq; at that time I was about eight years old; my father had a store for cereals like wheat, barley, … etc.


One day, it happened that my mother took the furniture out of the room, and she swept it, then we found, under a box in the room, five little mice, each was about the size of a beetle or a bit larger; so I surprised from that, and asked my mother about them; I said: 'Do mice lay down eggs which hatch like hens, or do they labour?'


She said: 'They do labor little mice that grow bigger gradually.'


This was what I saw in our house.


Next day, I went to my father in the store of cereals. My cousin, Abbas who was one and a half year older than I was, went with me too; and we started playing. We entered in one of the stores which was devoid of cereals; but while we were playing, we saw a cotton-white mouse come out of a hole in the ground; it went running in that store. I liked its color, and I ran after it to catch it, but when the mouse didn't find any way to escape from me, it returned back to its home.


I told my about it, and I searched about an iron bar to dig the mouse hole that I might find it and catch it; so I dug and dug and removed the soil till I reached to its bottom, the depth of which was not more than one foot. Then I saw, and if but you know what I saw! I wish that you see what I saw, in order that you will believe me, and will not deny.


I saw many mice stuck to the ground as if a big stone had fallen on them that stuck them to the ground. I saw some of them alive, moving its head and look with its eyes, but the lower part of its body was stuck to the ground.


I saw another one do not move save only its eyes, while all its body was stuck to the ground.


Another one, which I saw, was without any movement, where half of it was inside the ground, while the other half was visible as if it was sleeping in the mud, but that wasn't mud; it was a wet soil.


I saw some of them drawn in the ground so that: this is its head, this is its belly, and those are its limbs, as if the hand of a clever draughtsman had drawn it on the ground, or a clever sculptor had cut them out.


All those mice were of one size, no small or large among them, but they were of the same measure as that white mouse which came out of the hole. All their heads were directed towards one side, and their lower parts to the other side.


When I saw that, I surprised and said to my cousin: 'Why have these mice stuck to the ground? Has there something heavy fallen upon them and stuck them to the ground, or is there any other reason?'

He looked at them for a while and said: 'It isn't like what you think. These mice are in their stage of formation from soil!'  

I said to him: 'Didn't you see the five little mice that we found in our room? Didn't my mother say that mice are born little and they grow bigger gradually? Then how do you say that these mice are in their formation stage!?'

He said: 'Don't you see some of them alive and moving, while some others have no life, so they are like the sleeping!?'

I said to him: 'These might be dead because of the heavy soil that fell upon them!'

He said: 'No, but look to what I shall do!'

He picked up a small stick from the ground; he drew it on the belly of one of the alive mice, and it died immediately. Then he drew it on the lower part of the body of the other living mouse, and it died.

He said: 'Don't you see?'

I said to him: 'If you cut its belly, then how doesn't it die?'

He said: 'Is this a knife or a small stick?'

I said: ' A small stick sometimes slaughter like a knife!'

But he picked the lower part of some of those mice, and smashed it between his fingers, and it became like the soil; he said: 'Look!'

I, too, picked a stick from the ground, and drew it on the belly of a living mouse, among those mice that were stuck to the ground, and its belly was cut but no blood or anything else came out of it, but it was like mud. Then I cut a leg of one those mice; I smashed it between my fingers, finding that it was a wet soil, which was drawn in the shape of a mouse.


At that time, I realized for certain that that small home was a factory for mice formation and production; but in a way different from that I saw in the room of our house, which produced five little mice.


So that, one who looked to those pictures and drawings might imagine that as if a clever sculptor had cut them out, and an Able Maker had made them, but in the mud, not in the stone.


So, celebrated be His praises, Who cut them out in a wet soil in stead of hard stone, and celebrated be the praises of their Creator, once in the earth from slime, and another time in the wombs from a scanty fluid, i.e. the semen.


Therefore, God - be exalted - showed to me some of His unseen [or unveiled] signs in order not to doubt in my faith, and to be with sure belief; so

الحمْدُ للهِ رَبِّ العالَمِين

The explanation :

(Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.) – the Quran 1: 2


I say: No doubt that God - be exalted – created Adam and Eve in this way; i.e. He created them, in the inside of the ground, from wet soil, and they were planted like how the truffles do plant; and when their creation was complete, they got out from that grave to the surface of the earth.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 71: 17

واللهُ أنْبَتَكُمْ مِنَ الأرْضِ نَباتاً

The explanation:

('And God has formed you from the earth as a planting.')


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 90: 4

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنا الإنْسانَ في كَبَد

The explanation:

(Surely, We created man [: Adam] inside [a grave; and his progeny inside the womb.])


It means: under or inside the ground.


This is the meaning of the word كَبَد in the Arab poetry some of which is mentioned by Mohammed-Ali Hassan the late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible, in his Arabic book.


The meaning: God created Adam in the 'inside' of one of the mountains; for God created Adam and Eve, on a mountain, and then they descended from it to the plain land.

However, God - be exalted - mentioned, one time, that He created Adam from mud or clay; and another time He said that He created him from earth or soil; because the wet soil or earth can be called mud as can it be called soil.



[Darkness Is Essential for the Process of Creation]

God - be exalted - said in the Quran 39: 6

يَخْلُقُكُمْ في بُطُونِ أمّهاتِكُمْ خَلْقاً مِنْ بَعْدِ خَلْقٍ في ظُلُماتٍ ثَلاثٍ

The explanation:

(He does create you in your mothers' wombs: creation after creation, in three shadows.)


That is because formation of the fetus or the new creature, whether it was a man or an animal, cannot be accomplished unless in darkness; because the sun is fatal to the living cells, from which the new creature is being formed. Therefore, God - be exalted - created Adam in an old grave which was on a mountain.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 90: 4

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنا الإنْسانَ في كَبَد

The explanation:

(Surely, We created man [: Adam] inside [a grave; and his progeny inside the womb.] )


It means: in the 'inside' of the mountain.



[Creating Man from Clay]

God - be exalted - said in the Quran 7: 12; expressing the words of Satan (i.e. Iblies) when he refused to fall prostrate to Adam:

قالَ أنا خَيْرٌ مِنْهُ خَلَقْتَنِي مِنْ نارٍ وخَلَقْتُهُ مِنْ طِينٍ .

The explanation:

( [Iblies] said: "I am better than he; [for] You created me from fire, and him You created out of clay.")


Moreover, God - be exalted - said in the Quran 15: 33

قالَ لَمْ أكُنْ لأسجُدَ لِبَشَرٍ خَلَقْتَهُ مِنْ صَلْصالٍ مِنْ حَمَأٍ مَسْنُونٍ

The explanation:

( [Iblies] said: "I am not to prostrate myself to a human whom You created out of a black putrid clay.)


It means: from a black putrid mud [i.e. potter's clay, or mud which is about dry.]


However, I [the interpreter] have mentioned, in my book 'The Universe and the Quran', something about the origin of life under the title of 'Life Is Transmigrant' [from one planet to another], so refer to it if you like.


God - be exalted - said in the Quran 2: 213

واللهُ يَهْدِي مَنْ يَشاءُ إلَى صِراطٍ مُسْتَقِيمٍ

The explanation:

(For God guides whom* He pleases to a standard path [of monotheism.] )


[* i.e. the one who deserves guidance: being good-hearted; charitable; merciful to the poor, the needy and orphans.]



The End



The Universe and the Quran

Man after Death

The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran



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